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The Criminalize Hate not HIV campaign aims to be a resource that any individual or agencies can use to support their own campaigning work on HIV criminalization. Listed below are some campaigning materials that you can use to help inform or promote understanding of the issues in your own country.  For example, post our materials on Facebook, Twitter, Google or your own website or use to support your own events or training.

Campaign Materials

Short Films

'Criminalize Hate not HIV' 

This two-minute film is stylized and artistic, showing the humanness of sex, of relationships and of HIV. The people in the film share their own, diverse stories (they are not professional actors), and many are living with HIV. It builds on IPPF’s Declaration of Sexual Rights and purposefully focuses on sex – irrespective of how, where, with whom and why people have sex. The film looks at laws criminalizing HIV transmission and exposure, but also laws criminalizing practices associated with HIV transmission (drug use, sex work and sex between men).

The film is currently available in Arabic, Amharic, DutchEnglish, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Swaati, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Xhosa and Zulu.


'Verdict on a Virus'


The documentary short is a commentary from a selection of experts about the criminalization of HIV transmission in England and Wales. It brings together a selection of policy makers, programmers, advocates, academics and people living with HIV to inform the public debate.


Additional publications

'Behind Bars'

Behind Bars is an international collection of interviews published online, and reproduced in the Real Stories section of this site. The stories expose the effect criminalization has on people’s work and private lives. The stories illustrate the personal and professional dilemmas faced by doctors, lawyers, parliamentarians, researchers and advocates; among them a doctor who was forced to aid a police investigation against her ethical principles, a woman living with HIV who prosecuted her former partner and a lawyer who advocated in an HIV transmission case.

'Verdict on a Virus'

Booklet available in English, French, and Russian.

'The Criminalisation of HIV: Fact sheet'

Available in English, French and Spanish


Visit 'Build Your Own Campaign' to customize the following campaign materials: 

• Buttons/Badges (available in English, French, Russian, and Spanish)
• Post-it notes (available in English, French, and Russian)
• Postcards
• Lanyards
• Stickers/Labels
• Pens

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