Campaigning Stories

Successful campaigns have been undertaken in countries across the globe to bring about change. Some advocates and campaigners have been successful in bringing about the repeal of legislation, many have improved access to justice and information for people living with HIV, whilst others have managed to restrict the use of law and reduce the potential damage done by criminalization in their country through guidelines and policy.

The left hand links in this section provide some examples of successful campaigns. To tell us about your own campaigning activities visit Share Your Stories.  


Watch Anne Gathumbi, Program Manager, Health and Rights OSIEA Kenya, discussing the repeal of legislation criminalizing mother to baby transmission on HIV in Kenya.

Fast facts about HIV criminalization
Successful campaigns from across the globe

Latest News

  • US: HIV Medicine Association calls for repeal of HIV-specific laws
  • Norway: Dissenting Law Commission member, Kim Fangen, 'stands alone'
  • US: Sero Project to present new data on harm of HIV criminalisation to Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA)